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A business designed to meet the needs of individuals looking to expand their wealth in property investment and luxury rental management.

We create homes to encourage connection and belonging, designed to enchant every sense, and planned for haute living and vacation getaways.

EK Modern is a modern architectural practice, designing contemporary urban and rural homes in America & beyond.

At EK Modern we make no assumptions about a project’s final outcome. We believe in teasing out the details patiently and attentively- an inspired melange of ideas, place and expertise- with a focus on sustainability, craft, quality materials and fine details.
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Calico Landing

Joshua Tree Vacation Rental
By obsessing over the finer details, we’re able to consistently produce an unforgettable and unique experience with our luxury short term rental stays.

The desire to deliver uncompromising results on an ambitious vision is what drives our design process. Innovative projects like our Calico Landing listing have created the foundation of EK Modern's distinctive aesthetic. Our North Star?- Partnering with like minded investors and building an array of properties, taking the ordinary out of households while converting dreams to reality.
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